The services Walk the Talk Coaching offers are:


Leadership Development (1:1 or for small groups)
Walk the Talk Coaching offers specialist support in leadership development, helping  you feel less alone as you problem-solve, arrive at important decisions and stay balanced and focused when pressures mount or there is significant change to contend with.

Assessment tools are used to underpin this support with accurate, in-depth analysis. These are The Emotional Capital Record (ECR) and The Emotional Capital Record 360 (ECR 360). They help you explore aspects of emotional intelligence to help you bring out the best in yourself and others.


Bespoke Coaching (1:1 or for small groups)

Bespoke coaching gives you the rare chance to reflect at your own pace and time on issues, explore aspects of your life and find solutions that are realistic and achievable. It helps you stay optimistic and engaged at times of uncertainty and transition. Neither fixed nor prescribed, bespoke coaching complements more formal training.


Breakthrough Days (for groups – minimum 6 and maximum 16)

You are invited to take time out from your normal, everyday  environment, collaborating with others. A range of activities are used to help you reflect on significant challenges, sharing thoughts and ideas, taking on board different points of view and arriving at new ways forward.


Leadership Development
Bespoke Coaching
Breakthrough Days



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