Reflective Practice: A Balanced View of Setbacks

A Balanced PerspectiveDSC_0503 (2) 

If you look over the last week at what has gone well and not so well, it is more than likely that you will dwell on the low rather than the high points. You may even find yourself magnifying the low points with an inner voice telling you that you deserve no better because you are just not good enough.

While it is important to be self-critical so as to avoid complacency and a tendency to stagnate rather than seek to improve, this negative inner voice can be so out of proportion that it is destructive, lowering self-confidence, energy levels and your motivation to shine.

By stepping back and reflecting on what happened, you can gain a more balanced perspective and stay more optimistic and buoyant.

A few strategies that can help include:

–          holding on to what you have achieved: what does this show about your strengths, competence and capabilities?

–          seeing the setback as something that is temporary: it can be redeemed over time

–          being clear about how much you had personal control over what happened and how much external factors may have impacted on you – this means resisting the temptation to blame yourself completely or others

–          considering step by step how you can modify future behaviour and circumstances so that you are better prepared should a similar situation arise again.

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