Quality in the Workplace: Can you care too little?

Can you Care too Little?

In our last blog, we highlighted the pitfalls of people caring too much in their work environment. But what happens when the reverse is true, when you find yourself caring too little about the quality of what you do? This is a situation we probably have all been in at least once in our lives even if we did not admit it at the time!

There may be many reasons for caring too little

– You used to enjoy the job but now you do not feel sufficiently challenged.

– There are limited opportunities for learning and development so you feel stuck in a rut.

– Aspects of the organisation you are working in could be de-motivating. You may feel unappreciated or unclear about your role and responsibilities. You may have struggled with an unmanageable job description and now you have lost heart as it seems impossible to do the job properly.

– You may be working to pay your bills or support your family or maintain certain life-style choices without identifying with the job you are doing and feeling committed to it.

The warning signs of caring too little

  • You are not that bothered about the quality of your work, which may be rushed or sloppy.
  • Everything seems to require an effort.
  • Time seems to pass slowly without the feeling of being in the flow.
  • You feel frustrated
  • You feel bored, indifferent or detached.
  • You might find yourself relating badly to some colleagues

Adverse Effects

The consequences on your health and well-being may be similar to when you care too much. You may be restless, have poor concentration, suffer from fatigue and a certain numbness. Lacking a sense of purpose may make you feel despondent, anxious or depressed. 

What can you do if you recognise these signs and want to change the situation?

Admit to yourself that the situation is counter-productive and something has to alter. Explore what is in your control and can be changed to give you a greater sense of purpose.

You may not be in your dream job or even close to it but looking for positive values in the work you do can help you feel more fulfilled. This will lead you to produce a higher quality of work, which will in itself give you a sense of pride and satisfaction.

If this fails, the only long-term solution may be to look for another job. In this case, it is helpful to make short-term adjustments that you can manage while waiting for the time when you can shift to a post that is suitable or take up training that will lead you in a direction that is more in tune with what really interests you.


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