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Quality in the Workplace: A Caring Organisation

What makes a Caring Organisation

Hands clasped

“The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” Vince Lombardi

An important aspect of our role as coaches is to work with organisations so that they are able to provide an environment where the culture encourages staff to produce quality work. They can go about this in diverse ways, but certain characteristics tend to shine through.

Clear purpose, focus and direction

Staff are far more likely to feel committed and care about their work if the organisation has set out a clear purpose they can identify with. They need to know where the organisation is heading and that processes are in place to help them get there in an organised, well thought through way.

They also understand where they fit in, having roles and responsibilities that they can fulfill and knowing what is expected of them.

Valuing staff

A further characteristic is for organisations to value the contributions of staff by:  affirming what they do and recognising it as worthwhile and important to the organisation as a whole; building up on their strengths and supporting them with areas for improvement; giving them opportunities to develop and grow.

Learning from mistakes

For this to happen, the organisation adopts a caring rather than punitive attitude towards staff based on the premise that most of us are motivated to do a good job if we are afforded the scope and conditions to do so. This tends to mean a culture where mistakes and setbacks are not seen as failures but as part of an ongoing learning process.

In such an environment, the joy, pride and commitment needed for high quality to be attained and sustained can blossom as staff feel able to experiment, be open with others, admit vulnerability at times and share success at others. This allows for a creative atmosphere where knowledge and insights are used to improve how the organisation operates and adapt to change.

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