Quality in the Workplace: A Caring Attitude of Mind

A Caring Attitude of Mind

“Care and quality are internal and external aspects of the same thing”, Robert Pirsig

Thorough Planning

Over the holidays, I spent some three days at a guest house where a caring attitude of mind seemed to shine out. It was run by a wife and husband team who had previously owned a restaurant in Paris and could bring considerable experience and skills to bear. They had planned  and thought through all aspects of their service with a sense of mission and purpose. They identified profoundly with their role of caring hosts.

Relating to Others

This was evident in the way they related to me and my partner, welcoming us on arrival, introducing us to the setting, giving us individual attention, engaging in friendly conversation and checking our needs were met throughout our stay.  They showed courtesy and consideration when offering a refined, generous and mostly home-made breakfast and evening meal.

Care over Detail

Equally striking was the effort and attention they gave to ensuring our rooms were conveniently laid out, comfortable and clean and that we could enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained garden and swimming pool, all giving onto panoramic views of the local countryside. They brought in extra touches such as pastel drawings and paintings of local animals and birds that the wife had herself created.

Pride, Joy and Commitment

From our conversations with them, it became abundantly clear just how much joyful pride they took in their work so that the reward was not only external in terms of financial gain or meeting acceptable standards and customer expectations but also internal, giving them a deep sense of satisfaction. They felt in tune with what they were doing, confident in their own strengths to offer a high quality service and fulfilled as a result.

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