Leadership Development

Leadership is of crucial importance to the culture, welfare and effectiveness of the workplace.

Whether you are an established leader or someone who is aspiring to a leadership role, Walk the Talk Coaching is there to help you feel confident, make important decisions with clarity of purpose and ensure you are having a strong impact that is to the benefit of all. Not least, we can help you feel less alone and less overwhelmed by the pull of many different priorities and concerns.

There may be times when we suggest you take up simple to use but accurate assessment tools that help you gauge emotions and how you are working with them to best effect both for you and your colleagues. These are:

The Emotional Capital Record (ECR) and
Emotional Capital Record 360 (ECR 360)

both developed by Rochemartin and internationally acclaimed as reliable, precise, consistent and valid.
For details download ECR Transform and Change


After an initial meeting and interview, a series of coaching sessions are agreed that tie in with your priorities and needs. Arrangements may also be  made for you to take an assessment on–line. This will generate a precise, written report which you can discuss at a feedback session with your coach. The findings from this will help inform how we work together.


In a location where you feel comfortable and free from interruption.


This will vary according to what best suits you. Coaching sessions may run once a week to once a month.


Length of Meeting:
1-2 hours.


FREE initial meeting and interview to ensure the service offered to you is relevant and appropriate. Fees vary according to programme. They may be paid in advance, on a monthly basis or at a sessional rate.


Further coaching sessions will vary in cost according to number and duration.

For other services, see under Bespoke Coaching and Away Days.



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