Decluttering helps us stay healthy in body and mind

A space to think: spring-cleaning the mind

Do we make space to think? Do we allow ourselves time to take a break, a walk, just sit for a few moments?  This week is Mental Health Awareness week and the slogan is “thriving or surviving”.  The Mental Health foundation has produced a useful pamphlet with useful ideas on how to “thrive” called “How To Look After your Mental Health”.

It includes ideas such as talking about your feelings, keeping active, asking for help and taking a break. Taking a break might mean a change of scene or pace, simply making space in our crowded lives.

The importance of making space became very apparent to me recently.

Normally I’m someone who keeps up to date with de-cluttering but over the last ten months this has not been the case.  A shoulder operation, followed by a knee problem that made it difficult to stand for any length of time meant that things started to slide. I was concentrating on physio, getting fit again and that took time.

However I started to notice my energy sapping as I looked at unread magazines, piles of paper, an overcrowded wardrobe. What had been left on the back burner now became a priority. I set to work more ruthlessly than in a normal de-clutter.  This got me thinking about the importance of creating space.

After a few days I noticed that not only was my physical space less cluttered but:

– my energy levels had improved

– I felt lighter and freer

– I was able to think more clearly

– I was more focused on goals

– I could prioritise about current projects and open my mind to new ones

– I felt excitement and optimism reawaken

It may seem a daunting prospect, to clear and sort and discard what no longer resonates or is of use but it can make all the difference.

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