Coaching can help you exercise free will

Big Questions on BBC One yesterday morning posed the vexed question about how much we are able to exercise free will.  I was intrigued by the differing views.

Genes and environment came out as strong determining factors, bringing constraints to our lives that restrict the degree to which we can make decisions and choices.

A positive message that shone through for me, however, is that we can work through and beyond these constraints if we recognise them for what they are, reflect and believe that we can bring about improvements in our lives. This may not come easily, requiring perseverance and effort as we seek to change what are deeply ingrained assumptions and habits.

It occurred to me that this is exactly what coaching is about.

Coaching provides us with a safe space where we can explore issues and challenges, acknowledge what is holding us back and problem-solve: we become more motivated and focused as we realise that there are options open to us that we have the capacity to follow through if we so will to do.

Coaching enables us to make decisions and bring about change not in some superficial, short-term way but at a deep and sustainable level.

This is why it is so powerful and often described as “transformative”.

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