Flying High with Walk the Talk Coaching

An Optimistic View for 2016

Flying High with Walk the Talk CoachingI travelled by plane over Christmas and the New Year. As usual, I found this largely an enjoyable experience because I had a window seat from which I could look out from time to time and wonder at the changes of scene opening before me.

On take-off, I was fascinated by how the surroundings I take for granted quickly receded, becoming smaller and smaller and merging into an ever widening landscape that gradually melted into an indistinct haze the higher we went.


A Healthy, Efficient Organisation Walks the Talk…

Sources of irritation and frustration in the workplace often come down to a breakdown between word, intention and deed.

We are all familiar with a team-meeting when decisions are reached but then weeks go by and nothing seems to be followed through into action. We also know what it is like to wait for a colleague or group of colleagues to follow up an action so that we can progress only then to be held up if not blocked altogether.READ MORE