The Power of Coaching – Staying Grounded

The Power of Coaching: How to stay grounded without being ground down.

There are times when the different demands we meet in our working lives can grind us down. This is certainly true of anyone working in the education sector, who may start out a term feeling confident and optimistic but soon begin to feel pulled in different directions and overstretched.

This is hardly surprising as the driving forces at work from day to day are strong.READ MORE

A Healthy, Efficient Organisation Walks the Talk…

Sources of irritation and frustration in the workplace often come down to a breakdown between word, intention and deed.

We are all familiar with a team-meeting when decisions are reached but then weeks go by and nothing seems to be followed through into action. We also know what it is like to wait for a colleague or group of colleagues to follow up an action so that we can progress only then to be held up if not blocked altogether.READ MORE

Managing Disappointment


“Before the reed has straightened itself it  bends again”
                                                                            Max Verhart

Imagine this…

You have spent considerable time preparing for an important cross-departmental meeting, only for some of the key people to cancel at the last moment.

You have been up till the early hours refining a lesson plan and materials so as to be at your best for an observation, only for the class to unravel before your eyes.READ MORE

Take a walk – and find your creative flow…

Logo_Walkthetalkcoaching_square_2p5_2p5“The sum of the whole is this: walk and be happy; walk and be healthy. The best way to lengthen out our days is to walk steadily and with purpose.”

C. Dickens

That walking is good for us is widely acknowledged. Usually we hear about the physical benefits of walking – it helps us manage weight, stay fairly fit and reduce the risk of various chronic diseases.

But what about the mind? Have you ever noticed how walking brings clarity when your thoughts have got entangled and confused? Walking invites us to slow down and take stock of things instead of rushing from point to point. Our thoughts become clearer so that we are able to look at issues with fresh eyes and reach well considered decisions.READ MORE