Olivia LoweOver the years, she has built up a broad but deep grounding in language, literature and the arts, communication, the psychology of learning and management and leadership.

With experience as a journalist writing about the arts, she has mostly worked in the education, charitable and voluntary sectors supporting children, young people and adults. She started out as a teacher of French and English as a foreign language and then specialised in supporting learners with additional needs such as dyslexia and difficulties with speaking, listening, reading and writing. Her concern has been to find creative ways of facilitating the learning of those who are at risk of being held back from achieving their potential.

She is qualified to Masters Level with an M.A. in Education and the NPQICL. Awarded the ILM Level 7 Diploma for Executive Coaches and Leadership Mentors in 2013, she is an associate member of the Association for Coaching and a Certified User of the Emotional Capital Record.

Since 2005, she took on management and leadership roles. These included working as Head of Foundation Studies and Children’s Centre Leader. Both of these roles required her to work at an operational and strategic level and gave her an ever-increasing awareness and understanding of leadership issues and demands. She came to realise how invaluable it was to find opportunities to step back and reflect. Adopting a coaching mind-set was ideally suited to this. It was equally useful when supporting and motivating teams and individuals by building up a rapport, using active listening skills, showing they were valued and heard and challenging them to draw on their own resources to find solutions. It is this approach that underpins the service provided by Walk the Talk Coaching.

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