Jenny Laney

Jenny Laney is an experienced leadership coach, trainer and facilitator , having spent over thirty years working in the area of personal development . Her background is in the education sector where she worked as an advisor and consultant as well as taking on a number of leadership positions.  This has given her an insight into the challenges, pressures and rewards of leadership roles. Her aim is to enable leaders to work with greater effectiveness and enjoyment. With a focus  on empowerment and well-being for themselves and their staff they become more aware of the rewards and better equipped to deal with the challenges.

She has an MA in Education and Applied Coaching. Her dissertation explored the potential for coaching to develop resilience in  leaders. She is also an NLP Trainer and has recently completed a course in neuroscience.

She is member of a number of professional bodies that promote excellence in coaching including the Association for Coaching, European Mentoring and Coaching Council and Association for NLP. She is also an associate member of the Association of School and College Leaders.

Jenny is passionate about coaching because she has seen its effects in her own life and the lives of others, including those she has coached. She knows just how much it can empower clients to explore their values and beliefs, develop self-esteem, set and achieve goals and find new ways of thinking and being. It is her belief that everyone should be helped and encouraged to reach their full potential. She is 100% committed to the success of each and every client.

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