Walk the Talk Coaching offers support from highly qualified and experienced coaches who have a passion for lifelong learning and a deep concern to help you hold on to your enthusiasm and zest as you seek to navigate through complex demands.


They abide by the code of Ethics set out by the Association for Coaching and European Mentoring and Coaching Council.


Olivia LoweOlivia Lowe

Over the years, she has built up a broad but deep grounding in language, literature and the arts, communication, the psychology of learning and management and leadership.

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Jenny Laney

Jenny Laney

Jenny Laney is an experienced leadership coach, trainer and facilitator , having spent over twenty years working in the area of personal development .

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Niru Khan

Nirupama Khan

Niru is an enthusiast with an intuitive understanding of young children and their needs. She delights in engaging them in activities that are stimulating, stretch them, build up their confidence and encourage purposeful communication.

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