A Walk in Mid-Winter

DSC_0870DSC_0871We tend to think of mid-winter as a time for hibernating when not at work, shopping or socialising. It’s too cold, we say, and uninviting. It gets dark so early.

But, of course this is not true. Ironically, this is the very time when we would particularly benefit from the act of walking. It may allay any sense of gloom we may have as we open our minds to the world around us and make up for some of the excesses of eating and drinking that are weighing us down.

Moreover, mid-winter can be beautiful. The quality of light is particularly intense, perhaps because there is less of it so that it feels all the more precious. We can see the bare bones of nature, all hidden under leafy canopies in summer, but now revealing their wondrous shapes and contortions. And when else can we enjoy a full moon at 4.30 in the afternoon as happened to me the other day?

I was feeling particularly on edge at the time and decided to get some fresh air by taking a parcel that urgently needed to be sent by registered post to the post-office. After this was done, I could let go a little and decided to walk for a while just as twilight was approaching. At first, the irritations in my head seemed to go round and round but then, gradually, the tension began to ease so that by the time I returned to base, I felt calm and ready for the hard graft ahead.

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